Fear Factor

While at Universal Studios on the last day Clint and I tried out for Fear Factor which is one of the shows that they have in the park.  I must admit I was not wanting to try out but Clint was really excited about it and his family talked me into it…well we made the cut!  There were 3 stunts and 6 of us that competed.  It was a little surreal as they took us to the back trailer and explained what would happen during the whole process.  They then made a video of us introducing ourselves and telling why we are going to win fear factor.  Clint said he was going to win because he had 5 finger shoes and I said that I was going to win because I wanted to earn bragging rights over my husband.  Then after they taped our blurbs they gave us disposable underwear, spandex, under armor shirts, and water socks.  We got changed and when we came out they put harnesses on us and the hose came in to meet us.  Then we headed to the back of the stage and up the stairs to wait for the host to introduce us.

Stunt 1: Endurance Hang.  In the Endurance Hang, the 6 contestants hang from a stationary t-bar 35 feet in the air and will have to hang on as long as they can. Adding to the challenge is that 30 seconds during the stunt, fans (controlled by volunteers) will be activated which blow strongly towards the contestants. The first 2 contestants that drop will be eliminated and asked to make the “walk of shame”

This was really hard because the T-bar was more like a Y-bar.  I didn’t want to loose this round, so I just closed my eyes and concentrated on holding on…when I opened my eyes the only other lady in the group had just fallen…I only had one more to go.  I held on until the second person fell and when they reached the ground I let go.  Clint let go just after me.

Here are your contestants…

Waiting for everyone to get in their places….scariest part!

Clint hanging for a spot in the finalist.

Last 4 standing

Stunt 2: Eel Tank Relay.  This stunt consists of two parts, and the 4 remaining contestants will be paired up in groups of two (one of them will be tethered while the other one is not). The first part of the stunt has the non-tethered contestants retrieve bean bags from an aquarium full of non-electric eels in. The second part consists of the non-tethered contestants throwing the beanbags to their tethered partners holding buckets, however instead of beanbags, raw squid will be used (and the amount of squid thrown by the non tethered contestants is determined by the amount of beanbags retrieved in the first part). Adding to the challenge to the second part is that volunteers will use water cannons to impede the progress of each team. Both parts of the eel tank relay has a 30 second time limit. The winning team is determined by whoever can get the most squid within the 30 second limit.

We got 4 bean bags out of the eel tank and into Clints bucket and the other team got 3!  So we had an advantage over the other team because we got 4 squid and the other team got 3 in the next part of the competition.  Both teams got 3 squid in their buckets so it was up to me to catch that last squid Clint threw to me.  We ended up getting that last squid so we won that round!

Grabbing a bean bag in a eel tank

Clint being hoisted up to be swung across the stage to throw a squid for me to catch

Are we the champions…yes we are!

Asking me questions while they lowered Clint back to the ground.

Final Stunt:  Clint and I went head to head.  We had to climb a latter with water pouring down on us, grab each of the 4 yellow flags on the wall.  Then get to the top of the fire pole where there was a red flag with a key.  We had to grab that, slide down the pole, run to the car, and start it with the key on the red flag.  Once you started the car it began to lift up, when it reach the top (28 feet in the air) you have to slide onto the hood of the car and take off the 3 yellow flags on the front.  Then you got back into the car and grabbed the bazooka in the back seat and shot at the bullseye in the middle of the building.  Whoever did all that first won!

Michelle climbing to first flag

Clint climbing to flags

At the top!

Clint riding the car up to 25 ft high!

Clint sliding on the hood to reach the flags….success.

Michelle raising in the car, watching Clint slide onto the hood….so close.


It was so much fun, definitely a highlight of our vacation!  I am so glad I did it with my husband.  Clint won a Fear Factor Live Champion T-shirt along with 4 express passes so we could skip to the beginning of the line at every ride!  I won a Universal ball cap and 2 express passes for coming in 2nd.  We had a blast even if we didn’t win anything we would have been happy, but that was an added bonus.  I have always wanted to try out for The Amazing Race because I love to travel but this experience made me want to try out for another reason.



  1. Cool story Hansel… That was pretty entertaining for us to read:) My favorite picture is where shell is in the line up with clint and the other 2 dudes and is smiling right at the camera. 🙂

    Great times

  2. I wish I could have seen it dang it..but im glad i found your blog cuz now I can show david pics from it, ive just told him about it. He thought it was pretty sweet too:) Miss you guys!!

  3. Oh my god! I was in universal today and I also went to the fear factor live I did the food challenge it tasted really bad!

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